Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Champion Family Cemetery - Shakertown

An interesting cemetery for the Champion family lies near Shakertown in Mercer County, Kentucky.  It's called the Champion Family Graveyard.  The oldest Champion buried there is John Hawkins Champion, who was born Sept. 30, 1820 and died Jan. 29, 1905.  His wife, Sarah Embry Munday Champion is also buried there along with three of their five children.

This branch of the Champion family is descended from James Champion, the brother of John, Elizabeth Joseph and Thomas Champion of Berkeley County, West Virginia.

I've not been to the cemetery but I'm told the gravestones placed by the Shakers are of soft limestone that is mostly unreadable today.  Additionally, most of the Shaker gravestones only contained initials, not full names or other identifying information.  An example of one with the initials "MC" is above.  This might be the gravestone of Mary Champion but cannot be verified.

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  1. Those markers make for some tough problem solving; good luck!
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)